Banana Peanut Butter Smooties. Since the combination of bananas and peanut butter in a smoothie intrigued me I decided to give this a try. I LOVE peanut butter and could eat it by the spoonfuls.(too bad they don't make a fabulous fat free version). Peanut butter and banana is a fan favorite when it comes to flavor combos.

Banana Peanut Butter Smooties I love how ice-cream like bananas become when you freeze them, so when you blend them together with peanut butter it's almost like you're eating a decadent milkshake, but with. A peanut butter banana smoothie for a healthy breakfast. I know some people swear by cold cereal for breakfast. Jika Anda yang berkeinginan memasak Banana Peanut Butter Smooties, Inilah Cara Simpel Membuat Banana Peanut Butter Smooties memakai 5 bahan masakah yang simpel dan 2 langkah gampang.

Cara membuat Banana Peanut Butter Smooties ini penulis padukan sedemikan rupa sehingga cukup mudah untuk dimengerti. Kalau Kalian belum mengerti cara memasak resep masakan ini.

Bahan dari Banana Peanut Butter Smooties

  1. Pembaca Sekalian perlu menyiapkan 2 bh dari Pisang (potong asal).
  2. Kalian perlu menyiapkan 250 ml dari Susu Cair.
  3. Kamu membutuhkan 2 sdt dari Madu.
  4. Anda Sekalian membutuhkan 1.5 sdm dari Peanut Butter (selai kacang/ Pindekas).
  5. Pembaca Sekalian perlu menyiapkan dari Es Batu.

This best peanut butter banana smoothie is also easy to take on the go, which means you get to set your alarm clock that much later in the morning. Peanut Butter Chocolate and Banana Smoothie. You'll love this peanut butter banana smoothie!! It's easy to make, and packed with protein-rich ingredients that will give you lots and lots of energy.

Banana Peanut Butter Smooties Cara memasaknya adalah sebagai berikut

  1. Blender semua bahan sampai halus lalu tuang dalam gelas dan sajikan segera.
  2. Noted : Jika ingin pake topping bisa saja, pake whipped cream dan choco chips atau ice cream vanilla / coklat dan sprinkles.

This peanut butter banana smoothie is like heaven in a glass. It's all healthy stuff, yet tastes like a milkshake! I did use a fair bit of peanut butter here, I mean, if a smoothie has 'peanut butter' in the title, what, are we playing? The result is smooth, creamy, peanut buttery bliss! COMBINE milk, banana, peanut butter, honey and ice cubes in blender container.